Food Vendor Application

Food Vendor Rules and Regulations


  • Food Booth Vendors:
    • Will be provided 8 x 8 booth rental and food & fire permits
  • Food Truck Vendors:
    • Will be provided event space for a traditional food truck
    • NO food and fire permits will be provided


  • Vendors may only sell approved menu items, to be fair to all vendors.
  • NO BEVERAGES are to be sold (water, soda, etc.) without prior approval by SAPF.
  • All vendors found in violation of the “no beverage unless pre-approved rule” or “selling items which have NOT been approved” will not be permitted to take part in this or future events. No refund will be given.


  • Food Vendors
    • All food booth vendors MUST provide flooring for their booth. This is a requirement. No exceptions.
    • Food booth vendors using a barbeque pit or grill are required to rope or barricade area to protect attendees.
    • Food booth/truck vendors are responsible for meeting all the requirements established by the Department of Health.
    • All vendors MUST supply all needed supplies as well as tables, chairs, signage, trash bags, and trash receptacles; we will not have extra supplies available.
    • Vendors are required to keep a neat, presentable booth at all times.
    • All signs and displays must be of a professionally produced nature. All personal vendor signage may not extend more than two feet above your booth.
    • Signage with visible prices, including whether you accept credit/debit cards in addition to cash, is suggested.
    • Vendors are responsible for collecting/paying Texas State Sales Tax as applicable to their product.


  • Trash must be discarded into the designated event trash receptacles. Public trash and recycling receptacle are for visitors only.
  • All cooking grease and grease produced by cooking must be retained by the vendor and disposed of in proper locations in the event site or in grease traps, if provided. Grease left behind by vendors will result in termination of any further business with SAPF.


  • Vendors must stay completely within their vendor space. In addition, soliciting outside of your vendor space is prohibited.
  • Vendors will NOT be permitted to smoke or have pets in vendor space (Service dogs are permitted).
  • Working vendors are not permitted to drink alcohol during the event.
  • For safety reasons, vendors will not be allowed to take down and leave their space before the event is over.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended. SAPF does not assume responsibility or liability for theft, damage or other loss of vendor’s property and possessions.


  • THERE WILL BE NO RAIN DATES. If the event is canceled due to weather, natural disaster, or circumstances beyond our control, no refunds will be given.
  • In the case of vendor cancellation, the vendor must personally notify a SAPF staff member prior to the event. Vendor credit allocation will be assessed on an individual basis. No permit fees will be refunded, if applicable.


  • To be determined based on event
    • Fest of Tails- No electricity will be provided


  • SAPF does not guarantee specific locations or approval of products requested. Submission of an application does not automatically reserve space at any SAPF event due to limited vendor space.
  • The San Antonio Parks Foundation retains the right to prevent future participation of any vendor for conduct deemed, in SAPF’s sole discretion, unacceptable and/or detrimental to the mission and reputation of SAPF and the event.

Food Cart Vendor Fees

Food Cart Vendor Fees

  • Fest of Tails – $100
  • Chaparral Music Festival – $100
  • 4th of July Celebration- $100
  • Jazz’SAlive – $200
  • Celebrate SA – $100

Food Booth Vendor Fees

  • Fest of Tails – $500
  • Chaparral Music Festival – $500
  • 4th of July Celebration- $500
  • Jazz’SAlive – $1000
  • Celebrate SA – $1000

Food Truck Vendor Fees

  • Fest of Tails – $250
  • Chaparral Music Festival – $250
  • 4th of July Celebration- $250
  • Jazz’SAlive – $500
  • Celebrate SA – $500

Vendor Form