Vendor/Corporate Exhibitor Application

Vendor Rules and Regulations


  • Non-Profit Vendors, Artisan Vendors, Merchandise Vendors, and Corporate Exhibitors:
    • Space for a 10 x 10 set up
      • Required to provide a 10 x 10 pop up tent, or smaller, for set up
      • Tents/canopies must be weighed down with sandbags, weights, water jugs, etc.
        • No staking of tents or canopies will be permitted, either in the asphalt or landscaped areas
    • May not sell any items that reference smoking, drug paraphernalia, or violence


  • Vendors may only sell approved items, to be fair to all vendors.
  • NO BEVERAGES are to be sold (water, soda, etc.) without prior approval by SAPF.
  • All vendors found in violation of the “no beverage unless pre-approved rule” or “selling items which have NOT been approved” will not be permitted to take part in this or future events. No refund will be given.


  • All vendors MUST supply all needed supplies as well as tables, chairs, signage, trash bags, and trash receptacles; we will not have extra supplies available.
  • Vendors are required to keep a neat, presentable booth at all times.
  • All signs and displays must be of a professionally produced nature. All personal vendor signage may not extend more than two feet above your booth.
  • Signage with visible prices, including whether you accept credit/debit cards in addition to cash, is suggested.
  • Vendors are responsible for collecting/paying Texas State Sales Tax as applicable to their product.


  • Trash must be discarded into the designated event trash receptacles. Public trash and recycling receptacle are for visitors only.


  • Vendors must stay completely within their vendor space. In addition, soliciting outside of your vendor space is prohibited.
  • Vendors will NOT be permitted to smoke or have pets in vendor space (Service dogs are permitted).
  • Working vendors are not permitted to drink alcohol during the event.
  • For safety reasons, vendors will not be allowed to take down and leave their space before the event is over.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended. SAPF does not assume responsibility or liability for theft, damage or other loss of vendor’s property and possessions.


  • THERE WILL BE NO RAIN DATES. If the event is canceled due to weather, natural disaster, or circumstances beyond our control, no refunds will be given.
  • In the case of vendor cancellation, the vendor must personally notify a SAPF staff member prior to the event. Vendor credit allocation will be assessed on an individual basis. No permit fees will be refunded, if applicable.


  • To be determined based on event


  • Rules and regulations are subject to change and will follow all City of San Antonio health and safety regulations.
  • SAPF does not guarantee specific locations or approval of products requested. Submission of an application does not automatically reserve space at any SAPF event due to limited vendor space.
  • The San Antonio Parks Foundation retains the right to prevent future participation of any vendor for conduct deemed, in SAPF’s sole discretion, unacceptable and/or detrimental to the mission and reputation of SAPF and the event.

Event Dates

  • Chaparral Music & Heritage Festival – Saturday, June 19, 2021 at Hemisfair
  • 4th of July Celebration – Sunday, July 4, 2021 at Woodlawn Lake Park
  • Jazz’SAlive – Friday, September 24, 2021 – Saturday, September 25, 2021 at Travis Park
  • Fest of Tails – Saturday, October 9, 2021 at McAllister Park
  • Celebrate SA – Friday, December 31, 2021 at Hemisfair

Non-Profit Vendor Fees

  • Chaparral – $25
  • 4th of July Celebration – $50
  • Jazz’SAlive – $75
  • Fest of Tails – $25
  • Celebrate SA – $75

Artisan and Merchandise Vendor Fees

  • Chaparral – $125
  • 4th of July Celebration – $200
  • Jazz’SAlive – $300
  • Fest of Tails – $75
  • Celebrate SA – $300

Corporate Exhibitor Vendor Fees

  • Chaparral – $500
  • 4th of July Celebration – $1000
  • Jazz’SAlive – $1500
  • Fest of Tails – $500
  • Celebrate SA – $1500

Vendor Form