Brand Playbook



This brand playbook will serve as a guide to creating a consistent look, tone and feel for any of our future marketing efforts.


The personality of our brand can be described with the following attributes. These words should drive the look, tone and feel of our marketing.

We are official, but not formal.

Our brand instills trust among our stakeholders by conveying a high level of professionalism, confidence, expertise, and leadership.

We are spirited, but not fanatical.

Our tone reflects the passion with which we champion San Antonio’s parks as centers of community, conservation, and joyful celebration.

We are friendly, but not inauthentic.

Our voice is welcoming and inclusive, with language that encourages everyone in the community to have fun and enjoy our parks.

We are sentimental, but not mushy.

Our brand is respectful of the vibrant, natural beauty and heritage that is unique to San Antonio, encouraging people to appreciate it.



We promote and activate environmental efforts to preserve and enhance our public lands.


We unite people of all backgrounds in shared spaces, fostering pride and ownership in their neighborhoods.


We foster appreciation for the multicultural aspects of people, arts and historic areas of the city.


We share knowledge with the community so nature can be better enjoyed and appreciated by people of all ages.


We enable and encourage outside activity that inspires the health, wellness and joy integral to the quality of life for our residents.


We advocate for inclusivity and accessibility so our parks can be enjoyed by all.


These are the beliefs that should be ever-present in our communications.

Parks are integral to the beauty of San Antonio:

We promote efforts to preserve and enhance our city’s unique natural and cultural heritage. We support projects that save existing green spaces and historic structures, promote stewardship, and acquire additional public lands.

Parks enhance quality of life:

We champion parks as a vital part of healthy, active lifestyles for residents of all ages. No matter the age or activity, accessible and safe parks are fundamental to everyone’s quality of life.

Parks bring people together:

We believe that the best parks are those that are the heart of a community, providing the backdrop for countless family get-togethers, cultural celebrations, and historic happenings.

Parks inspire neighborhood pride:

We empower residents to take ownership of their local green spaces, ensuring that parks are positive assets for their neighborhood and inspire further efforts to keep San Antonio a great place to live.


Only use the approved logo variations seen within this guide. There are a variety of options depending on application space.

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The San Antonio Parks Foundation logos have been created with a specific color palette, and should never deviate from the approved palette to retain integrity. All variations of the logos will follow the color usage detailed below.

Brand colors

  • Green
  • Hex: #99c22b
  • CMYK: 46 4 100 0
  • RGB: 153 194 43
  • PANTONE: 2301-C, 382-U
  • Brown
  • Hex: #8a7e78
  • CMYK: 47 47 55 13
  • RGB: 138 126 120
  • PANTONE: 7531-C, 7531-U


Fieldwork Geo Bold

Primary Font

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Fieldwork Geo Regular

Secondary Font

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Tagline Font

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Web Font

Only use this typeface if the primary font is not available. Arial is usually only used for mass emails, Office 365, and iWork.


Fieldwork Geo Bold is our main display font and is great for headlines, and section headers. Using Fieldwork Geo Bold in lowercase is preferred. Fieldwork Geo Regular is our main body font. Use Arial in digital applications only when the main brand fonts are unavailable. Example: emails, Office 365 and iWork. Using the brand colors as flat backgrounds in any layout or collateral is ideal.
Where to use it:


San Antonio Parks Foundation photography should center on people having fun in and engaging in San Antonio parks. Photography showing people of all ages, races, abilities, and walks of life are encouraged.
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Examples showing how the brand will live through various swag.
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